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Get Fit in the New Year

It's a brand-new decade in New York City — 2020 has arrived. And at this time of new beginnings and fresh starts, most of us can’t help but make at least one resolution. From the standard "drink more water" to the more aspirational objectives of extended travel or landing that dream job, everyone has something they want to do to better themselves. There is one thing, however, that nearly everyone hopes to do, year after year- get fit and stay fit. While gym memberships may languish unused after March, those lucky enough to live in the Midtown condos of The Centrale have a multitude of opportunities to reach their goals thanks to the building's state-of-the-art fitness facilities. No excuses!

These Midtown East residences for sale offer luxury and refined style on a grand scale. The Centrale features a gorgeous marble-clad lobby, generous living spaces with stellar NYC views, and a host of exclusive amenities — not least of which is the on-site gym. No more walking out in the cold winter weather to burn some calories or fretfully signing up for spots at your favorite fitness class. A short elevator ride will take you to a veritable temple of training in your own home. 

At The Centrale, the health club is more than just weights and cardio machines. It's a boutique fitness experience that residents can access around the clock. Managed and curated by The Wright Fit, The Centrale's private fitness center is built for both fitness fanatics and newbies.

Is early-morning yoga the perfect way to start your day? Or maybe a post-work workout is more your style. Whatever your fitness preferences, the gym has what you need to meet your goals and suit your tastes. You’ll find the best and most innovative design and equipment available. 

Start the day with a sun salutation in the private yoga studio. It offers a spa-like retreat for those who want to stretch their muscles, practice their breathing, or enjoy a quiet moment in a secluded spot before a busy day. A mat is all you need to change your body and reduce your stress levels. 

Cardio becomes a pleasure in the gym thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, ranging from ellipticals to Peloton bicycles. Enjoy a run on the Woodway treadmill no matter what time of year. Fire up your AirPods and work up a sweat to some fast-paced music on the elliptical while you overlook the spectacular pool area. And while we’re on the subject, those with a more aquatic-based fitness philosophy will get plenty of use out of that 75-foot indoor saltwater pool. 

While cardio and stretching are an essential part of a well-balanced workout, a frequently overlooked component of fitness is strength training. With weight rooms in public gyms packed with overzealous lifters, and that person who is permanently stationed at the ab machine, it's easy to see why this part of the workout is neglected. But at The Centrale, you'll be able to do as many reps and sets as you want without having to worry about a stranger impatiently waiting to take your spot. 

So, if your resolution is to get fit in 2020, resolve to take advantage of The Centrale's clean, well-equipped, and, most importantly, easily accessible private gym. 

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