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Exercise Early: Beat the Heat in Midtown East

Everyone knows that the early bird gets the worm — and in this busy town, that’s more than just a folksy cliché. Early-rising fitness enthusiasts not only get a head start on the day and the energy that comes with a morning workout, but they also beat the NYC summer heat. Fortunate residents of The Centrale can simply roll out of bed and head to the building’s gym and spa to work out on state-of-the-art equipment, go for a swim, stretch in the yoga and Pilates studio, and unwind in the steam room before they hit the office.


Night owls might roll their eyes, but getting up early to exercise might be the key to a healthier you. According to Better, the health and wellness newsletter from NBC News, there are countless reasons to forgo tapping that snooze button and, instead, visiting the gym — they range from losing more fat to, interestingly, making new friends. If those aren’t enough to get you up and out, here’s a practical reason for that morning workout: an early start will supercharge the rest of your day.


Living in Midtown East gives you the chance to experience a full range of fitness and wellness amenities — perfect for those mornings when you want to switch up your routine and get the day started right. 


Barry’s Bootcamp | 1216 Second Avenue

We’ve all seen the films where the drill sergeant yells at recruits to get them to move faster or climb higher. Well, Barry’s Bootcamp is something like that — but way more fun. One of the most satisfying workouts in the city, Barry’s combines cardio with strength training, and there is a lot of both. One minute you’re running on the treadmill, the next, you’re doing push-ups. This type of workout is not for the faint of heart, but those beginning their fitness journey are welcome.


Physique 57 | 24 West 57th Street, #805

Physique 57 has a solid reputation as “the best barre studio in New York,” so be prepared for an intense session that combines “dance-inspired cardio, strength training exercises, and stretches.” Their classes range from introductions to the barre to focused interval training, extra cardio, and yoga. They’ll work you hard (in a supportive environment), but they also promise that you’ll see the results in eight sessions.


SoulCycle | 240 East 54th Street

Part exercise routine, part meditation, part dance party, SoulCycle has become the “it” fitness craze of the last decade, rising in popularity year after year. It’s easy to see why: these intense cycling classes (with a bit of mindfulness practice mixed in) burn a massive amount of calories and provide a community of devotees to connect with. Celebrities from Kelly Ripa to Anderson Cooper love the low lighting and enthusiastic SoulCycle instructors who guide them on a physical and mental journey. 


Equinox | 250 East 54th Street

While the equipment and amenities are rivaled by those of the fitness center at The Centrale, Equinox can be an excellent way to add more variety to your workout routine, thanks to the wide array of classes available, including power yoga, barre classes, and studio cycling. 


Breathe Salt Rooms | 2 West 46th Street, Suite 806

As part of a wellness routine, dry salt therapy (or halotherapy), which originated in Eastern Europe more than 100 years ago, addresses respiratory and skin conditions and may improve your sleep and stamina. At Breathe Salt Rooms’ Manhattan Dry Salt Therapy Center, you are invited to relax and inhale micro-particles of dry salt for 25 minutes in comfortable recliners in the Salt Room or book a 25-minute session in a Salt Bed that surrounds you like a tanning bed would. A trip to the Salt Rooms may be the ideal segue from an exhilarating workout to a tranquil weekend morning at your home at The Centrale.

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