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Dinner for Two: A Brief Guide to Midtown’s Best Eateries

We all deserve a great night out on the town every once in a while. And what could be more satisfying than an evening centered around some stress-free culinary indulgence? You can’t overestimate the power of a good meal. When a restaurant gets it right—when the ambiance, the service, and the food are all in perfect harmony—going out to eat can be an almost ecstatic experience. Fortunately for residents of the luxury Midtown Manhattan condos at The Centrale, several truly world-class eateries are located right in the neighborhood. Here are a few of our favorites that are guaranteed to be the highlight of any evening out.

The Lobster Club | 98 East 53rd Street

A unique and impressive sushi and teppanyaki restaurant with an obsession for freshness, The Lobster Club delivers on all fronts. The space itself is large and stunning, and the environment beautifully complements the dishes. Be sure to try the Japanese sweet potatoes and the wasabi lobster. Top it all off with a massive shaved ice dessert (kakigōri). 

Le Bernardin | 155 West 51st Street 

There aren’t many chefs on the planet as revered and respected as Eric Ripert, and there aren’t many restaurants as revered and respected as Le Bernardin. This three-Michelin-star eatery opened over three decades ago and has been a staple of fine French dining ever since. Known for inventive and meticulously prepared dishes, Le Bernardin offers a multisensory culinary experience. We recommend the Chef’s Tasting or the Vegetarian Tasting menus—both provide numerous courses. If you prefer a less formal meal and atmosphere, Le Bernardin has a separate menu for its lounge area.

La Pecora Bianca | 950 Second Avenue

We move from France to Italy, all while remaining in Midtown. La Pecora Bianca is a bright, open, and modern Italian restaurant, known for the freshness of its ingredients and its incredible pasta—the ricotta ravioli and the roasted wild mushroom garganelli are selections you can’t miss. And to drink? La Pecora Bianca offers a sizeable and carefully curated wine list and some great cocktails too. 

The Polo Bar | 1 East 55th Street

It’s no surprise that the Ralph Lauren-designed interior of The Polo Bar is gorgeous and vibrant. And, indeed, the warm, lively space is an attraction all on its own. The food is simple—it’s very well-done pub food—but the quality is high throughout. And the cocktails are top-notch. Due to the A-list appeal of The Polo Club, it’s basically impossible to get in without a reservation, and those reservations typically need to be made at least a month in advance. But it’s certainly worth the wait.


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